I. within infinite denial is the bloody paw-print of a night fox. a light-up anthem to the silent plays. the sly toy fox toys with the silent faux locks. a nursery rhyme! in practice-a show, yet when broken the fake locks must be fixed.  the safety of the home is always in jeopardy.

II. in one foul sweep, the sweets along with the hound’s share of the meat are pushed upon your plate, and you are inclined to eat with your feet. the hound begins to howl, still finding time apart from it all to celebrate.

III. white-water contrition. a wet capsize in cobalt- consummation between shipwreck and riverbed. alongside paradigms like fate and destiny, is the glass staircase of rhyme and reason. the prospect of true accountability is abandoned in near religious fashion as an impractical and functionless sweepstake of another age; the allegory of synergetic dichotomy between earth and Olympus.

IV. history tells bloodied tales of the burnt out, of the wet flame freak and his matchstick pout. Myth coaxes his fawn-like spawn to graze upon Lucifer’s unkempt lawn. Lucifer, who counts on the freak’s ambivalence, employs him to do things such as take the form of the wet head of a bum’s last match. he laps up the damp smoke of the fruitless task.    

 V. as a bed is for sleeping, it is also for crawling and chewing. assigned function is as much a burden on the inanimate object as it is on the individual. what fires flame ideas of heat and hot, that do not first show our skin the red of burning temperatures? in a perfect dream-state it is words we know not. the embers of dismantled archetypes are written into history as generational gaffes to be reframed years later, under different guidance.