Wrongs go immediate when the mind strays for minutes at all, and the ragdoll sighs, and the moment is gone.

 I chose the first feast because the turkey came on a glorious platter and not a regular plate, and the one on the regular plate was organic and had been basted every couple of hours, so it was juicier too, and it was the type of turkey that you would thank for its sacrifice- mine was very much dead and did not seem to require a thank you, only to be consumed quickly and disappear as such, or become something else and worse than it was, only the soul was long gone so I could leave some over too and feel nothing terrible about it.

 Although I did feel terrible about other things and many people too, who were more grounded than I ever imagined, which put an enormous pressure upon myself, and a very new faith took over me, as if most people are much better than I thought they were, and never much worse, only characters I had read before and wished would move off the page or something, either way it was keenly observant and took me to a nervous peace which quivered rarely but with such force that I was sure the whole mentality would come undone, as it was only constructed of thread, and the thick pieces of grass which can also become whistles.

 It is unfair to ask the importance of anything, as God once told me in a whisper, to which my whole ear near shot off, but I caught it before it flew too far, as I have my father’s hands which are bartender’s hands, and there is nothing God condemns more harshly than clumsiness, and his reasoning was; a lack of intention.  I wondered if God chewed apples, and were they bruised by clumsy angels, and is this why he is so rigid on the matter… If it was something else, I should not care to know, for if I was Percival and given the chance, I would think too hard on the proper question, and instead ask if I might be taking too long just mulling it over, and soon I would see how I might inadvertently expose frightening things which dwelled upon the breast of such well armored history which, if I were to speak candidly, abrupt illusions of guilt clouded my vision, and with the heavenly arrows which we all must suffer, I had thoughts of Eve gazing upon her reflection in the water, for that was her vanity which shamed her nakedness soon after. surely all can empathize, with what things I could not help in the slightest, because I did truly stop reading after Eden, in order to make the rest up as others do, and move on to lead a very pleasurable and luxurious existence.