Insignia of

wax paw print

dipped in twice

nothing so gentle as

fur drowned in wax 

once stamped

insignia signs

wax paw print goes to

one northern seaside kingdom

where decency ceases

where mists ghost about

where not a single being is polite

yet all are well

congregations may gather

and church bells 

or bells

will ring and tell time

the dunes before the castle

slope down, are smooth 

heighten into heaven

in words of her own the sand was alabaster

for many reasons the kingdom was just like this

the salty envelope

sealed with one insignia

slips from the highest tower

onto another crest

which is a wave

which is crashing down

the envelope is drowning now

well it breaks apart and ceases to be anything

to call it a letter!

in one graveyard

below and surrounding

the castle

When the couple first married

and ruled 

it was a good thing

it was some thing

which a letter told

and that was severe enough 

to last centuries

so it felt


so it felt

at the seaside when

at the bay opposite


they were young

Romantic bull

who chews upon the castle 


fawning after his first born calf

came across words 

written on paper

written to another


but eaten instead

and heard in the belly of the bull